Alex Winder

Web Developer and IT Professional

About Me

My name is Alex Winder; I've been a web developer and IT professional since 2009 and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the IT industry, including web development, hardware, software, networking, end-user support, maintenance and management.

I'm based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK and I provide full-stack development of websites and web applications suited to exactly fit a project. I have extensive experience of working in a number of different languages and technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, jQuery, Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS amongst many others. To find out more about other projects and systems that I have worked on or developed then please take a look at my portfolio.

I am also very familiar with a large number of system administration roles such as web hosting, email hosting, DNS management, system maintenance and desktop support. To find out more about my past working experiences, or to learn more about my skills, then please check out my CV.

If you're looking to get in touch or have a particular project or system requirement, please feel free to use the contact form on the contact page, or send me an email at I am always looking to work on and develop new and exciting web projects.

Alex Winder


Do you require your own website or bespoke web application? I have experience working with the following technologies, plus so many more!

Modern Web Development

I take enormous care and pride in developing all web projects to a very high standard. All websites and web applications are built using modern best practices to ensure that all projects are more than "just another website" and to ensure they stand up in an ever-changing digital world.

Responsive By Design

With more and more devices able to access the Internet, it becomes increasingly important that all websites are built with responsive design in mind. All developed websites and web applications are built using modern technologies so that they look great on all screen sizes to suit almost every single device.

Just For You

No two operations are the same so no matter how obscure or niche your web project requirements are, all are developed to provide a bespoke website or web application to perfectly fit your needs.

No Project Too Small

Whether you need a static website with a single page, or updates to an existing website or web application, or you require complete full-stack development of a fully fledged dynamic management platform with integration with other systems; I am more than happy to assist with your project requirements.

Security Is Key

Security of website and web applications should never be taken lightly. All projects undertaken have the very latest security best practices applied to ensure that your project is robust and the information held in your web application is kept secure.

Able To Meet Demand

Speed and accessibility is important, particularly with websites and web applications. By developing web applications using the very latest in technology all projects are able to scale seamlessly and be lightning fast and responsive to meet demands without any issues.