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This page lists projects I am currently working, or have previously worked on. I have been involved in the development of a large variety of projects for a wide range of clients across various industries, and utilising different technologies to best suit the requirements of each project.

Escape Room "Offline" Terminal

I worked with Escape Rooms Cheltenham to improve on one of their popular escape rooms. The existing puzzle completed by players was a solution in which a connection was made over the Internet to manipulate a puzzle website. Depending on the results of the manipulation would determine the results sent to the players to allow them to progress through the room. This solution worked fine however if the Internet dropped offline at the venue then the players wouldn't be able to complete this puzzle and would ruin the experience. I worked to implement a robust solution which integrated with existing...

Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Ansible, Raspberry Pi OS

GCHQ-Inspired Interactive Escape Room

Myself and Char Lewis were commissioned by Escape Rooms Cheltenham to develop the electronics for a GCHQ-inspired escape room. The story behind the project was written by Escape Rooms Cheltenham, and we were responsible for designing and building the system. The escape room would be a unique experience where players could go back in time to solve puzzles and to decipher a number of different codes. For this project we were responsible for sourcing parts to meet a design brief. The client had a number of different requirements and so we decided upon 2 separate systems, one controlled by a...

Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Python, Raspberry Pi OS, Ansible, Arduino, Teensy LC, C++

Escape Room Box Prototype

I worked on this project with Char Lewis to develop a prototype using a Teensy LC microcontroller, which is based on an Arduino and is written in the C++ language. The prototype was to build an escape-room-in-a-box proof of concept. The prototype itself had a 4 x 3 matrix keypad which required you to enter the correct code which had to be determined from other parts of the puzzle, such as a capacitive touch panel which would light up parts of the box in different colours. When entering the code an installed speaker would play small sound bites taken from...

Technologies: Arduino, Teensy LC, C++

Status Traffic Lights

January 2021

Status Traffic Lights

As part of my role as a Systems Engineer with Safe Hosts Internet LLP , I was tasked with creating a central dashboard to act as a one-glance page to get a complete overview of the core statistics required to ensure smooth operations of the data centre facility. The specification for this project was to create a “traffic light” page which all staff members can view to see if there is anything which requires immediate or upcoming action. For this system I chose to use a Laravel back-end due to my thorough understanding of how it works, and also I...

Technologies: Laravel, Tailwind CSS, jQuery, Axios, PHP SNMP, API Integration

Lake By The Willows Spa Website

Lake By The Willows is fictional spa of which I worked from a design brief to create a website for to showcase to a potential client. The colour scheme and overall layout for the site were provided by another web designer, and my role in this project was to build up the site as per this design specification. As this was a demonstration the site created was a minimum viable product and as such didn't include too many complexities outside of building the site in line with the design brief. The website was built using the Tailwind CSS utility framework...

Technologies: HTML, Tailwind CSS

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