Alex Winder Professional Portfolio

This page lists projects I am currently working, or have previously worked on. I have been involved in the development of a large variety of projects for a wide range of clients across various industries, and utilising different technologies to best suit the requirements of each project.

HTML Backup

April 2019

HTML Backup

Backups are an important part of maintenance of any web platform, therefore it is important that the correct backup approach is used the the correct scenario. Content of websites should be treated no different, as they contain lots of files which can cause a disaster should they become lost, corrupted or unavailable. I manage a number of different websites and make use of a backup solution for each one to ensure that websites are recoverable in the event of a disaster. Although there are many different available third-party options to complete website backups I found that most tended to be...

Technologies: BASH

Crypto Camden Website

Crypto Camden is a personal project and is an online directory of businesses which accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment for goods and services. Crypto Camden was built due to the lack of online resources available to find where to spend cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. I have been involved in the cryptocurrency community for a number of years and had always found it difficult to know where to spend my cryptos. Often it was down to pure chance that I would find a website which accepted these currencies as a method of payment. I therefore wanted...

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 3

MySQL Database Backup

When managing websites for clients, very often these sites would make use of a MySQL or MariaDB database. As part of the maintenance of sites I try to ensure that such databases are backed up as regularly as possible. There are an enormous number of available options to automate this process, however most of these are bloated or a third-party solutions which have features which are not necessary for most installations. I wanted a solution which was lightweight and required the minimal amount of installation and maintenance. I wrote a small and simple BASH script which made use of the...

Technologies: BASH, MySQL/MariaDB

Address Book

May 2017

Address Book

Ray Johnson wanted a simple online platform which he could use to store contact details of his friends and family members. He wanted a system which he had sole control over and where the data stored in the system was secure, but yet was easy to manage and maintain. Ray had previously used a number of third-party solutions but had found that none fully suited his requirements. He also didn't want to be bound to a third-party provider by providing sensitive details of his clients, family members and friends. The system was built using PHP as a back-end server technology,...

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap 3

Tina's Top To Tails Website

Tina's Top To Tails is a dog grooming salon located in the heart of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The business owner, Tina Richards, wanted a well-designed website which would allow her business to stand out from the local competition and to showcase her work to new and existing clients via an online portfolio. I worked closely with Tina to develop a company website with the professional and sophisticated look which she wanted. The site was built up from a Bootstrap 3 template. This template was fully customised to give give Tina the professional and sophisticated look which she wanted. Tina wanted pages...

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3, PHP

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