Alex Winder Professional Portfolio

This page lists projects I am currently working, or have previously worked on. I have been involved in the development of a large variety of projects for a wide range of clients across various industries, and utilising different technologies to best suit the requirements of each project.

Safehosts Internal Graphs

Safe Hosts Internet LLP is a data centre in Cheltenham and uses the Observium monitoring system to manage its internal systems and infrastructure, such as ambient temperatures and humidity, and network and power statistics. Whilst Observium gives a lot of information through a wide number of different metrics it requires authentication to review details, or it can be configured to alert various email addresses when set monitors fall outside of a threshold. This has a limitation of being rathern inconvenient and lengthy to find key readings of the data centre. Observium has an API which allows graphs to be displayed...

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3, Observium API Integration

Events Report

October 2016

Events Report

Ray Johnson is a network engineer who travels all over the United Kingdom throughout the year installing internet connections to outdoor festivals and events - such as the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the Mutiny Festival, the Betley Festival, and the Henley Festival to name but a few. Ray wanted a simple system which allowed him to submit and manage reports of events he had attended. The main purpose of the system was to act as a diary for when he revisits the site, and to note specific information and data which will allow him to install the systems much quicker...

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Bootstrap 3

Safehosts Portal

August 2016

Safehosts Portal

Whilst working for Safe Hosts Internet LLP I was tasked with developing a platform which could allow clients to manage all aspects of the service. All existing systems had previously existed in several different locations, and most of them weren't fully suited to work in the best possible way. Also, having multiple systems which weren't tied together in any way made things quite difficult to manage and clients had previously complained about how cumbersome some processes were. Iwastaskedwithdevelopingasystemwhichwouldtieinalloftheexistingsystemsintoacentrallocation, as well developing features which weren't already part of any other system to build a platform which was completely purpose-built to meet...

Technologies: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, API integration of multiple systems

Alex Winder Website

Despite having my own website for some time it had only previously been a placeholder page with some basic contact details for clients to make touch with me, therefore I decided that I would develop my own personal website which would give details about me and some of my previous working experiences. I also wanted to develop a site which I could use to output details of all of the projects I had been involved in. As I had been working with it for some time I opted for the Bootstrap CSS framework for my website as this would allow...

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 3

CamKarts Website

February 2016

CamKarts Website

CamKart is an all-terrain equipment trolley designed for photographers to safely and securely hold all of their equipment when taking photographs in a wide range of environments. Paul Saban, the inventor of the CamKart and an experienced photographer, wanted a well-designed website to showcase his innovative product and its vast array of functions and uses. I worked with Paul and he opted for a one-page site design with parallax features, which works very well with photographic websites as it gives the illusion of looking through the viewfinder of a camera. The styling of the site was designed to match the...

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3

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