Intranet Portal

September 2015

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3

I collaborated with TBG I.T. Services Limited to develop and deliver a bespoke intranet portal for a multinational company. The client are specialists in providing ISO certification for businesses of all sizes and in every industry all over the world. They also provide consultancy to assist in developing standardised organisational practices and to attain recognised certification. For a number of years the client had been using a customised WordPress solution for their internal management, however over time this system had become more difficult to use and no longer fulfilled the requirements of the users or of the business; it failed to work properly on most modern browsers, had several out-dated and unsupported plugins. This existing system posed a security risk and generally decreased productivity for staff members.

The client wanted a secure, fast and user-friendly system to serve as a central portal to their user base of thousands of staff members all over the world. Staff members would then use this portal to view the latest company news, obtain documents and upload reports to be securely stored and viewed by the administration team for further processing.

My role in this project was two-pronged; I was firstly responsible for the front-end development of the site, working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As the client had such a wide user base, covering a wide range of devices and with varying levels of computer proficiency, I opted for the Bootstrap and jQuery frameworks. Making use of Bootstrap allowed development of completely optimised and responsive web pages for all screen sizes and resolutions, and use of jQuery ensured that page elements were able to be dynamic and could work seamlessly on all browsers.

Secondly I was responsible for managing a small team of outsourced PHP developers to ensure that the focus of usability and simplicity of the system was also carried through to the back-end of the intranet portal, and that the whole team fully understood the needs of the client and that the clients' expectations were exceeded.

Intranet Portal

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